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The Full Story about

Ikon Strata

A family-owned and operated team, providing professional and proactive strata and community title management services. 




Adherence to ethical standards

Respect to you

These core values are what enables Ikon to strive to achieve customer satisfaction in all aspects in the  delivery of excellence to ensure your strata scheme is well maintained and value-added.

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Our Skill

Ikon Strata delivers exceptional expertise through our highly experienced team in strata management. We excel in managing strata schemes of all sizes, ensuring project success, cost-efficiency, and top-notch customer service.

Our Vision

  • Financial Stability & Transparency

  • Excellence Across the Board

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Ongoing Support & Growth

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Working with Laptops

Our committment

  • Prompt, efficient communication

  • Proactive maintenance

  • Immediate response to emergencies

  • Dedicated insurance and accounting

  • Monthly financial reports

  • Transparent management.

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